Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis

We all tell a story about ourselves, to ourselves. A story that affects how we understand and relate to others. Our defenses against pain and anxiety are necessary to function—both as individuals and in relation to others. But those same defenses can also become obstacles for us and cause more pain, anxiety, relationship issues, and depression. As a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist, it’s my role, among other things, to help you discover how your unconscious expectations affect you.


As your psychotherapy supervisor, I help you listen to your own countertransference to understand what happens inside you, inside your patient, and between the two of you. I give you the space to reflect on your role as a psychotherapist. I help you find an inner freedom to use the psychodynamic theories as tools to understand, rather than as “truths” that risk hindering you and the process of psychotherapy.


Maybe you have an issue that you don’t know how to handle — at work, in a close relationship, concerning life choices, or perhaps you’re concerned regarding someone close to you. We meet in one or a series of consultations, where I help you to reflect and find a way through the matter bothering you.

Groups and organisations

Groups and organizations are more than the sum of its individuals and tend to live a life of its own. Often an individual or a conflict is perceived as the problem, but commonly the individual presenting as the problem is rather a symptom of an underlying issue within the organization.